Drones in Real Estate; who would have thought?

The Pitfall of Drones in Real Estate The Basics of drones in Real Estate What you’re likely to hear will sound like bees buzzing.Drones are really versatile. They will most likely play a huge role in real estate services like property management, mapping, appraisals, roof inspections, as well as insurance inspections. 1 thing’s for certain,

Finance Your First Real Estate Deal!

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Finding the Best Finance My First Real Estate Deal Choosing Good Finance My First Real Estate Deal Even when you get a decent deal if you finance¬†your first buy, you could eliminate all your gains at the right time of sale. If you believe smartly and negotiate well, then it’s possible to crack a great

How Do Buyer's Agents Work?

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Home buyers who want to tour homes don’t always think about calling buyer’s agents to see that home. I suspect part of that reluctance is because buyers might not understand how agents work. They think that only the listing agent is paid by the seller, and that they have to pay out of their own

Does the Seller Always Pay for a Pest Inspection?

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The seller loses quality control if the seller does not pay for a pest inspection, but on the other hand, a pest inspection might not always be required. Whether a pest inspection is required depends on the buyer’s lender’s requirements for the type of loan the buyer wants to obtain, and it can also fall

The Problem is in the Resale of Former REO Homes

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This is not a particularly good period of time in which to specialize in selling REO homes as an REO agent. That’s because the number of REO homes on the market has been dwindling and the foreclosure numbers are falling. There is an increasing number, however, of former REO homes coming on the market, homes

What You Need to Know About Joint Tenants

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When I was working decades ago as an escrow officer, almost every escrow involved buyers holding title as Joint Tenants. Buyers would ask me back then just like they do today when I’m a real estate broker about whether I think they are doing the right thing by choosing to take title as Joint Tenants.

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