Arthur Hudson

Arthur Hudson have been a Marketer for over 15 long years and did not realize how powerful it is when you tie it to Real Estate so I Started: KEMT Properties


At KEMT Properties we are striving to be the #1 Company to get great Deals. Whether it is instant cash or great cash flow. We take our time and Market the property to be the best fit for our investors.

Some of the areas we focus on is
Absentee Owners
we use Bandit Signs
Work with Agents to help move their properties
and a few other Secret finds (that you may aready know about, but I like to think it is a secret.)
If you are interested in some discounted properties, increase your cash flow or want to sell a property you have I can and will help. You can contact me at 608-95PRICE and leave a message if I dont pick up I will call you back……